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"Neptune allowed us to focus on delivering business value and growth,
rather than dealing with production errors."

Matt Cook, Platform Reliability Lead

"Neptune has made it much easier for our engineers to gather all the data they need
to respond to site-up alerts quickly and effectively."

Eric Ogren, Head of DevOps

"As a startup, we need to stay fast and focused.
Neptune allows us to automate fast resolution of issues
so we can focus on our long-term goals and product"

Scott, Co-founder & CTO

"Neptune has been super reliable. It's easy to setup and it just works.
For us, autoscaling DynamoDB tables, and autoscaling dynos
based on SideKiq queue size has not only eliminated overprovisioning
but also manual intervention. We also use Neptune to handle heroku memory issues,
and to automate Redshift disk space issues."

Amir Manji, CTO

"Netpune.io has allowed MyBankTracker to develop a
transparent, versionable, cross-cloud devops solution to incidence response.
This added value to us from day-1, and gave back some evening time to the response team.
With the ease of Neptune, we were able to more-quickly restructure
our infrastructure services, resulting in more cost-savings and smarter operations."

Zachary Jones, Director of Engineering

"Neptune.io DynamoDB offering helps us provide best performance for our customers and save money.
Informative notifications help us stay on top of our systems status."

Filip Tepper, Senior Software Engineer

"Neptune is the centarl hub for our incident resolution
across all of our monitoring tools including DataDog, PagerDuty, CloudWatch and Nagios.
We use Neptune to collaborate, enrich, and remediate incidents
across all of our staging and production AWS infrastructure."

Yusuke Kuoke, Infrastructure Engineer

Some of the world's most respected brands trust Neptune

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