Never lose a customer because your heroku app is down or because it can't handle high load

Neptune helps you auto-scale your dynos and auto-restart your app when it is unresponsive


Auto-restart app if unresponsive

Let's face it. Once in a while due to memory leaks or some other weird reason, heroku apps go down. Especially those R14 memory errors are annoying. Now you can automatically restart specific dyno suffering R14 errors whenever an alert triggers from your monitoring tool. So, no more midnight wake up calls to restart your apps!

Heroku auto scaling
Postgres diagnostics

Diagnose Postgres issues real fast

When the number of waiting connections is too high on your Postgres database, get automated diagnostics on connections that are blocking, locking, and long-running.

Event driven auto-scaling

Handle your traffic highs and lows by auto-scaling your web and workers dynos in an event driven fashion. Simply select your alarm for high throughput or high dyno load from your monitoring tool and scale up dynos using regular heroku CLI commands.

Heroku auto scaling

Heroku auto scaling

Time based auto-scaling for cost savings

Save costs on your heroku dynos by scaling them down during low traffic periods. Simply select the time of day and scale down your dynos.

Integrate with your existing tools

Integrate seamlessly with NewRelic, Librato, Pingdom, Papertrail, Logentries, and several other monitoring tools. Even if you don't use any monitoring tool, you can still use our webhook to trigger any heroku CLI command.

Heroku notifications

Get notified on Slack or Email

You get notified on succesful actions and escalated when actions fail.

Industry best-practice CLI templates

For most common use-cases and issues on heroku, you can get started easily with our ready to use industry best-practice CLI scripts and runbooks

Heroku auto scaling

Easy to setup & use

You can use regular heroku CLI commands and run them in response to an alert or event

Add your heroku API key

Add your monitoring tool API key

Use our templates to create a rule

You will have peace of mind that your heroku app is highly available and that you are saving costs !

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