Fix your server and application alerts in minutes

Focus on real work ; Don't wake up mid-night for alerts !

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Works seamlessly with your existing monitoring tools & infrastructure

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Today, you resolve server alerts manually

Engineer wakes up

Logs in

Studies the alert

Checks Wiki

Runs diagnostics

Fixes the problem

With, you can fix server alerts automatically

Alert Triggers

Neptune runs diagnostics

Neptune fixes the alert

How it works

If this ALERT occurs, then do this ACTION

It's simple, but powerful ! When an alert triggers, you can run either a resolution action or a diagnostics action

High disk utilization

High mem. utilization

Low CPU utilization

Process crashed

HTTP error rate high

Archive log files

Take thread dump

Stop idle servers

Restart process

Run custom diganostics

It takes less than 5min to create a rule

Allow read-only access to your alarms from your existing monitoring tools

Install a light-weight agent on your server (or use API only actions)

Use our best practice templates to create your runbooks and rules


Even before you login to your systems, you will get relevant alert context and diagnostics on your mobile phone

Just one line command to install a light-weight Neptuneio agent. Agentless model is available as well for cloudprovider API actions

Agent simply polls the queue for messages, and runs as a specific user. So you can restrict agent as per your security protocols


Simple alerts get fixed automatically. For complex alerts, you get relevant alert diagnostics and context

Avoid outages

Downtime drastically reduces.Your customers will rave about you !

Happier Engineers

No more 2:00 AM wake up calls for engineers. They stay productive and won't leave your company !

Streamlined IT operations

With runbooks, even a new engineer can start fixing your alerts on day one !




per server/month
1-2 servers
Unlimited rules
1 week data retention



per server/month
3-100 servers
Unlimited rules
6 month data retention


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Unlimited servers
Unlimited rules
1 year data retention

Amazon , Netflix and Facebook use auto-remediation tools to efficiently manage their server operations
Now, we are bringing it for everyone

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