Remediation-as-a-Service for DevOps

Don't wake up your engineers to fix alerts. Use Neptune to fix them automatically

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How it works

If this ALERT occurs, then do this ACTION

Event driven automation is simple but powerful ! When an alert triggers, you can automatically run your remediation action

High disk utilization

High mem. utilization

Process crashed

HTTP error rate high

Queue size high

Cron trigger

Archive log files

Take thread dump

Restart process

Collect graph and log snapshots

Scale up workers or dynos

Run a job on a single machine


Simple alerts get fixed automatically. For complex alerts, you get relevant alert diagnostics and context

More Uptime

Auto-remediate your alerts to reduce MTTR (Mean-Time-To-Resolution) and increase uptime for your apps

Happier Engineers

Engineers are your most valuable resource. Avoid alert fatigue and midnight wake up calls for them

Streamlined IT operations

Organize your runbooks so that even a new engineer can resolve your alerts faster without escalations




per server/month
1-2 servers
Unlimited rules
1 week data retention



per server/month
3-100 servers
Unlimited rules
6 month data retention


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Unlimited servers
Unlimited rules
1 year data retention


Monitoring tools

Newrelic Datadog Pingdom Sensu AWS Cloudwatch Scout Pagerduty Nagios Icinga SignalFx Zabbix

Cloud or On-premise infrastructure

AWS Rackspace Digital Ocean Heroku Openstack Linode Azure Azure Softlayer

Amazon , Netflix and Facebook use sophisticated auto-remediation tools to efficiently manage their server operations
Now, we are making one such tool available for everyone

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