Why Neptune ?

You are losing business and engineers today

You are losing customers because of downtime

Reality is that customers are unforgiving. They will remember your downtimes more than your awesome product features. Every minute of downtime is detrimental to your business. You better minimize it to acquire and retain your customers.

You are losing engineers due to alert fatigue

Most engineers love working on new things and scaling operations. Not the mid-night wake up calls and on-call rotations. They jump companies in hope of stable production systems and better work life balance. You better wake them up only for complex issues requiring their intelligence.

You are not building scalable IT operations

One-off scripts and tribal knowledge of incident response doesn't scale anymore. IT operations will feel more like a burden. You need to document your runbooks and procedures, so that even a new engineer tomorrow should be able to deal with your production outages.

Time to move from stone age to modern age

You are doing it wrong if your engineers are waking up at midnight to fix mundane alerts.

Stone age : You resolve incidents manually

Engineer wakes up

Logs in

Studies the alert

Checks Wiki

Runs diagnostics

Fixes the problem

Modern age : You automate the incident response


Neptune runs custom diagnostics

Neptune remediates or escalates

Automate and be more efficient

Today, 95% of your incident's MTTR is still manual
With Neptune, you can automate every step of your incident response - Troubleshooting, Remediation & Documentation

Troubleshooting, Resolution , Documentation

What should you tell your boss

Neptune fixes simple alerts automatically, and for complex alerts we get relevant diagnostics and context

More Uptime

We need to embrace automation for better uptime and availability. Old manual processes are highly inefficient.

Engineer productivity

We have to avoid alert fatigue to retain our engineers and let them focus on right things by automating mundane alerts.

Scalable IT operations

Current tribal knowledge and one-off scripts don't scale well. We need to streamline and consolidate our operations.

Our founders built an incident response automation platform for AWS. Now, we are bringing it for everyone.

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